Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Treasure

          IMG_0481      Israel Armenian pottery 048


A How and Where to Find It Guide to the World’s Missing Treasures!

I read this book a few pages a day while stirring my cocoa at night and repeatedly the author reminded me “If you know what it is,” or “If you can find it”  and “It could be in your attic or in your basement!”  Or, “Found at a garage sale!”

I had found the stone Mayan mask at a yard sale and bought it very cheap.  A few years later I sold it on eBay for a nice little profit, but if only I really knew I’d have taken it to a museum and probably got an even nicer profit for it.  However, I do still have this Oracle Bone.  I think I will try the museum for this one.  DSC04496

I am in the process of purchasing a new car for my business and am now desperately seeking ways to raise the money so I don’t have those hefty car payments.  Maybe the Oracle Bone will be my saving grace and give me another chance to do something right when it comes to selling my treasures.

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