That’s me in the peach colored shirt with he two finger symbol over my head among some of my friends and co-workers in Overland Park, Kansas.  Our job as school bus drivers sent us to work in the Blue Valley District.  It started out for just a couple of weeks and ended up with us staying the whole year.  We lived in a hotel and went out to eat a lot.  The Salty Iguana was one of our picks, along with the Jumping Catfish and Cinzetti’s being everyone’s favorite.

However, we missed cooking our own food and were putting on weight so we started going to the local yard sales and estate sales.  We found everything we need and more to cobble together a kitchen in our rooms where only a small refrigerate and microwave were provided.  On the weekends we didn’t work and began looking up the estate sales online and in the local papers and mapped out a tour for the day.  This gave us something to do and we learned our way around Kansas City.  We saw the sights, the land, we met the people and roamed through their lovely homes, and we got some fantastic bargains!

Back home in Minneapolis, I still enjoy going to the sales and would like to share the experience with those who would like to come along.

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