People have more time for Spring cleaning this year but don’t know what to do with the stuff they want to get rid of.  Thrift shops are closed and not accepting donations, the used book shops aren’t accepting stuff, yard sales are cancelled, estate sales went online,   and no Flea Markets! However there are lots of curbs full of free stuff.


I finally got my Little Free Library finished.  I named it “The Happy Shaman”. I used an old fish tank stand for the base and that was easy to sink into the ground and stabilize.  The bottom is a shelf I’ve been putting jigsaw puzzles for the taking.  I redid the roof from what you see here.  People have been using it too.  One puzzle went and the books have turned over too.  This are great ways to share with your neighbors and it’s open 24/7. IMG_0205

This photo was taken a few years ago at a very popular neighborhood yard sale festival.  Every weekend in May there are these yard sale festivals in the various neighborhoods around Minneapolis and St. Paul, a different neighborhood each weekend, not all at the same time.  This is one that has food trucks and canoe raffles and even their own T-shirts.IMG_0415 I Posted this picture before


IMG_0416The food trucks were nearby but I didn’t get any photos of them.

IMG_0407These guys were having a good time.

So while the yard sales have been called off for the season people crowd together at the Walmarts and grocery stores.  It’s easier to practice social distancing at a yard sale so I wouldn’t be afraid to have one or go to one.  If you’re afraid to touch the cash then wear gloves.  I think this year would be a great year for yard sales.  People want something to do and finding a bargain at a yard sale can be very satisfying and fun.

I posted on Next-door about the Free Library and was criticized then I posted how this year would be great for yard sales and was criticized again.  The Naysayers and critics will always have their say but that doesn’t mean we have to believe them or cave into their vortex. IMG_0408

In place of the neighborhood yard sale festivals maybe go shopping for free stuff on the curb.

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