Chipped McCoy is the Real McCoy

fullsizeoutput_141.jpegChipped art pottery is always steeply discounted and there’s a rustic look that can be added for everyday use.  Collectors always look for the perfect piece and they pay well for it.  But for those of us with smaller budgets and big desires we can settle for the less than perfect and display our finds casually outside the display cabinet.  I think that’s much more fun.  Chipped pottery has a charm of it’s own and the chips that are usually on the base can easily be hidden or even repaired.  The chip on this over 100 year old McCoy vase is obvious, but the bowl has been repaired and the the repair was well done and difficult to spot along the rim.

These old pieces were once common and popular in the days my grandmother was young, and I’m old now myself.  Because of the flaws I picked them up quite cheaply at a yard sale.  They probably don’t look like much now but perhaps another day they may become popular again.

fullsizeoutput_110.jpegThese Bakelite handled kitchen utensils are once again popular in the kitchens of the vintage decor and the spatula, which I have used, is flexible and very functional.  I sold these on eBay awhile back.  They too are from my grandmother’s era.

44A801B6-3894-41FF-9B78-8CEE539A3732.jpgThe kitchen match holder was once a standard item in every kitchen.  My Gran used a woodburning stove to cook on.  A big old thing in the kitchen that also heated the house.  Gas cookers often had to be lit with a match too.  Match holders can still be found and are fairly inexpensive.  However, the day will come when we won’t see anymore of these things.  So even if it is chipped, scratched or flawed in some way, it’s the character of the item that really counts.

Weapon of Choice is a podcast and episode 9 titled: Save the Paper Clip, by Julie Stearns of Junket: Tossed and Found is well worth listening to.  Back in my parents and grandparents days, things were not just used and thrown away, they were saved and even used for other purposes.  My generation was raised on the throw-away society, and look a the mess we’re in now.  What comes next?  Julie is doing huge things to contribute to our society now to make better and wiser choices.  I hope she does succeed in someday mainstreaming re-use.  The motto of robber barons is: “Poverty assures a steady supply of Labor”  We can resist that and create our own economic security as Julie has successfully done with her own little shop.  Show those barons that they need us more than we need them!

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