My Grampa he’s a-allus sayin’,

“Sing a song O’ cheer!”

And, wunst I says “What kinds them?”

He says, “the kind to hear,

‘Cause they’re the songs that Nature sings,

In ever’ bird that twitters!”

“Well, Whipperwills and doves,” says I,

“Hain’t over-cheery critters!”

“Then don’t you sing like them,” he says

“Ner guinny-hens, my dear

Ner peafowl, nuther (drat that boy!)

You sing a song O’ cheer!”

I can’t sing nothin’ anyhow;

But, comin’ home, to’rds night,

I kindo’-sorto’ kep’ a whistlin’


I’m in the midst of revamping my website and moving to another host.   I’m the do it yourself sort O’ person who doesn’t always know what I’m doing, but it’s coming along.  Meanwhile, I picked this little poem out of a book: “Riley songs O’ Cheer”   a special find at one of the sales that nearly got tossed in the trash.

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