SCI-FI is Back!

The new Star Wars is giving the Sci-Fi collectors a new boost.  This Star Trek  watch I picked up on a trade at a local Flea Market.  I traded a little box of 3 common fossils and a panel of 3 dinosaur postage stamps  for it.  Dealers don’t usually pay each other in cash, they often use the barter system.  Interesting trades are always welcome at Flea Markets in general.  So if you have something of interest and are on the hunt for something else of interest, bring it along, you never know what you’ll do on a trade.  The cover opens up to reveal the watch-face and the tin is a storage house for the watch itself.  Also collectable.  If you like to read like I do, some of them old Sci-Fi novels will still deliver the thrills.  Of interest today might be the Ocatavia Butler collection.  She was the only African-American female Sci-Fi writer of her time and her collection of stories are well worthy of anybody’s library collection.  I read them years ago and still often think of them.  I regret passing them on instead of keeping them.  I would like to read them again.  Octavia died in 2009.  She started writing Sci-Fi after watching the movie “Devil Girl of Mars.”  She thought the movie was so tacky and she could do better and she did.  In fact she did much better than she thought she ever would and what came out of her fiction probably surprised her more than her readers.  A very unique collection of books.  Something I search for when I’m at the sales.  I found a couple but have a lot more to find.  Well, Happy Hunting folks and may the treasures find their way into your possession.  The estate sales will be going full blast again soon and there’ll be plenty!  IMG_0437

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