fullsizeoutput_145.jpegThis is what the basement looks like.

I was out in my part of the garage one day and there was a very strong smell that I can’t even describe.  It was awful!  Later I saw my neighbor and told her about it and she said she knows, it was the dog.  Her daughter that used to live in the loft in the garage had a dog, a pitbull.  I don’t know what happened to the dog, I just hope it’s not what I suspect, but the dog and the smell have since been removed.  This made me think of Jeffery Dahmer.  Remember him?  He was the guy that lived in an apartment building in Milwaukee that picked up young gay men and took them back to his apartment and murdered them.  It was a grisley.  He cut them into pieces and kept them in plastic bags.  Anyway, his neighbors who also lived in that apartment building commented that there was always a bad smell that came from Jeff’s apartment but they basically ignored it.  Yikes!  Well, if something did happen to that dog, I would blame the daughter and boyfriend and not my neighbor.  Chances are she didn’t know the dog was in there and she didn’t have the key to the lock her daughter put on the door.  I don’t think for a minute she’d have let something bad happen to that dog or any animal.  Not that kind of person.  I think I’d have known by now.  Anyway I guess the moral of this story is bad smells probably should not be ignored.  Minding your own business is one thing but there are times when you do have to step in.  I would also keep this in mind when buying a house or moving into a new place.

Lately, not much has happened around here.  I haven’t seen the inspector for awhile.  The last time he was here he said something about his boss has been after him for taking too much time here and wanted to free him up of this for other things.  I haven’t heard dicky bird from the health department either.  So, all I can do now is just shut my door and stay in my own corner of the zoo and hope the developers come along and make a good offer on this house soon.  Yes, I’m in a neighborhood that is trying to gentrify somewhat, it’s only beginning.  When that happens, and I believe it will, I’ll take that money and run.

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