A must read for anyone trying to understand today’s world.

Now selling like hotcakes on eBay and Amazon, I read this book and it sold the very next day on Amazon. I bought it off eBay with a free shipping and lower price, now you can probably do the same. I would encourage everyone to read this because the story effects every one of us in more ways than one.

This one I expect will sell fast too. We’ve been hearing this whole story that is told in both books over the years in bits and pieces as the events happened on the news. What Tom Burgis did was take these events and drew the big picture. He explained well how resource rich nations remain in poverty, as we know the ruling elites basically skim all the wealth for their own, but also describes how the labyrinth of shell companies, tax havens, etc. and the parking of money in our own nation are impoverishing us.

This is something that should not only concern us, but anger us to no end, because here we go again with the banks involved just a deep in these schemes and shenanigans. Are we going to bail them out again?

If I were to allow the storage of stolen property on my premises, I would be convicted, so would anyone of us. We may also lose our homes and anything else of value. Parking looted cash from other nations through the real estate purchases and other means, isn’t that the same? Parking/storage stolen property/loot?

These deals have raised the price of housing so that the average American can’t afford even the tiniest of shacks and renters are paying astronomical rents because of a housing shortage! The properties of these Kleptocrats who are supposedly legally parking their money here are often empty or housing what a friend of mine calls “anchor baby hotels”, meaning the a pregnant wife or mistress of a kleptocrat that had gutted his own people can have a child born in the United States and obtains citizenship and can also have a bank account. Sanctions are a joke when there’s an anchor baby in the family with access to the these accounts.

I drove taxi for many years and now drive Uber. In the taxi I had lots of regular customers that would go from one job to the next and some would do this three times a day! They weren’t making a lot of money, but it took a lot of money just to survive. This is where we’re at folks, and over the years we thought of other reasons why, like greedy landlords, yes they’re out there, people just wanting more, they’re out there too. We all have taken a bite out of the apple, it’s in our gas tanks and our cell phones and nearly everything else we consume. There’s also the psychology that has become embedded in our lives as a consumer society itself. We are creatures of comfort, OK I get that. But over the years through the media and our peers, we’ve learned that we ain’t shit unless we’re rich and glamorous and have the latest shiny trinket of the day. We learned that success is based on how much we earn and not so much on how well we live whether we live in a shack or a penthouse. I can’t stress enough how hoarding is becoming more and more of a problem in this county too. Anyway, this might sound a bit religious now, but we have been taught to worship the “Golden Calf.” Remember that story? It’s in the Bible and probably other books too. And what happened, everything was destroyed in the end. Is that where we’re going now that this war has begun?

On that note here’s an example of one overworked worker:

Didn’t quite make it around that corner. “Hells bells! Din’t make it to the corner!”

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