IMG_0184.jpgPhalera is the archaeological term for the equivalent disks that were popular in iron age Europe.  Horse Brass can be dated back to the 5th-century BC from chariot burials in Gaul.

IMG_0185.jpg These brass disks or plaques were used to decorate the horse harness gear in Mid-century England.  Parades, Shire, and working horses were once embellished with these brasses.  They are now collectable and there’s even a society where members share and trade their collections.  (

I had recently seen on Facebook that one of the shop owners on the Minnehaha Mile had come into some of these brasses (E’s Emporium) and was wondering what they were.  Today, not only do people put these in collections, but around the U.K. they can be seen decorating the wooden beams above the bar in pubs.  I had often seen them for sale in the car boot sales and numerous junk shops around the U.K.  I’m glad to see them making their way over here.  Cigarette Cards in frames are another traditional pub decoration, but more on that later.

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