Harper Lee, David Bowie and Prince

IMG_0538With the recent deaths of some well known artists original works and items related to them go up in price.  Prince’s movie Purple Rain sold out all over the nation, as did everything David Bowie and Harper Lee.  Yet, the finds are still out there.  This 1st edition of To Kill a Mockingbird is selling on eBay for an average of $40, though I’d seen some trying to fetch thousands.  This one I found at an estate sale that I just happen to see passing by.  $1.00!  Of course I’m going to list it on eBay and get what I can for it.  I have a modern, less valuable copy I can read too.  As with everything eBay, it what actually gets bids and sells that sets the price, those guys asking $12,000?  Maybe someday?

The yard sale bonanzas are on folks.   Get on out there and join the fun!

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