9465378.jpgThis chair is probably more comfortable than it’s original, probably cane, seat and back.  The repair was done using a simple technique known as Macrame.  The Victorians used Macrame for numerous everyday uses including curtains and shades for windows, room dividers, bedspreads, and tablecloths.  Patterns were often the creation of the weaver, but patterns in books or online can be found and modified if one wants something more unique.

IMG_0569During the 1970’s Macrame was popular for hanging plants.  There were some elaborate designs then too.  Could the days of hanging gardens be making a comeback?  As the Mobile generations living in lofts and sleek apartments without yards, hanging plants add an attractive warmth to the cityscape view windows.

I remember the collections of painted Mexican pots that sat on the ledges of windows, balconies and walls in Southern California during the 1970’s.  The pots were decorated with lovely scenes of desert landscapes, animals and the daily lives of people.  These pots are hard to find now and few have managed to make it through the decades.  I see one or two on eBay sometimes and even bought one once, but the damp Minnesota weather ruined the painting even though I did keep it indoors.  This reminds me that some things are regional.  What works in one place doesn’t always work in another, but then again, travel is never anything to regret.


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