A Passing Hail

Let us rest ourselves a bit!

Worry? -wave your hand to it-

Kiss your finger-tips, and smile

It farewell a little while

Weary of the weary way

We  have come from Yesterday,

Let us fret us not, instead,

Of the weary way ahead.

(Riley Songs O’Cheer)


It is always a good time to start searching and collecting gold.  Today treasure hunters move through estate sales, yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and anything and everything of the sort.  Laws have made the old fashioned digging for treasure hunts nearly obsolete, legally.  Diving to wrecks under the sea also has it’s legal limits and often prohibitive costs.  However, what you find in an old house is not limited.  Salvagers have become the new treasure hunters of the day, people who clean out homes for the banks and real estate companies and even estate sale agents who clean and organize the sales.  Treasure hunting has always been hard work and requires extensive travel.  However, the easiest way is to treasure hunt and still enjoy the comforts of home is to cruise the sales.


It can sometimes be work but it’s also fun to go out poking though a sale.  I quite enjoy walking though the mansions and beautiful homes of our grand country looking for a treasure I can use in my own home and sell for a few bucks more in eBay.  Of course, knowing you stuff is very helpful but if you don’t know your stuff you learn along the way.  Everybody has their trials and errors.  Cruising the sales are usually the least expensive way to learn your lessons and with everything on the internet these days and mobile technology, many mistakes can be avoided.  If you get fooled anyway, well, look at it this way, “You Win Some, You Lose Some.”


Don’t let what you think is a bad sale put you off.  Agents are all different, some set their prices too high, and some price it to go.  People don’t always know if what they have is real or paste or what the price should be. Agents are not  experts in everything and if one doesn’t want to talk to you when you do know something and flat out refuse to come down in price, don’t fret, just walk away.  From their point of view they think you’re just trying to low-ball them.  They get people everyday trying to squeeze a deal and who’ll tell them anything to get it. You can always make an offer and if they still say no, you can come back at the end of the day to ask one more time. Remember though, there is always another day and another sale.  S0,dig through those piles of jewelry in clumps on the tables, you never know what has been passed up as junk.  And most of all, don’t give up because sometimes if it is too good to be true, look again, it just might be!

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